Can’t blog on if you can’t log on

Contemplating one’s navel is the core philosophy of blogging. Best to choose a scenic locale for said contemplation. This is Big Mertens Falls, in the Mitchell River National Park.

QUITE a few folk have been asking about where the blog went.

Not strictly true.

I’m paraphrasing a volunteer columnist (whom I will call “Arthur”) who produced meticulous opinion pieces for one of the newspapers* I used to work on.

In the frenzy of newspaper production his finely crafted columns would inevitably be chopped around (aka edited) or relegated to page 47 or left out completely. 

He did his best to understand but doggedly continued to drop in his obscure special-interest articles, because he didn’t want to disappoint “folk”.

I’m a bit more realistic. I know “folk” (my mum and my daughter, and some kind friends) do read my epistles, and I thank them. I also realise people have little time to read things these days, and articles with salacious celebrity content will take priority (I’m a sucker for click-bait too).

Arthur’s revenge is that blogging is actually more soul-destroying than writing for newspapers.

The blog website will tell you, for example, an article has been viewed by 76 people and has received two “likes”.

In other words, 74 readers thought it was crap.

But Arthur, like you, I will persist. More stories are on the way.

The absence of mobile phone reception in these parts of the vast Kimberley is not conducive to blogging or any other form of social media.

Some station stays offer limited and costly wi-fi, and uploading photos (my major aim) is like pulling teeth.

As a result one has resorted to writing (with a pen) in a journal (the book kind). And occasionally talking to folk. It’s a bit weird.

*Newspapers were printed devices with real paper pages. Google to find out more.

More navel gazing. This time at Dimond Gorge, Mornington Wilderness Sanctary, The Kimberley, WA.

Another social media tip. Feet shots, usually with beautifully manicured toenails, can score lots of likes on Instagram. Hope this glamour pic of reclining Crocs footwear will score some sponsorship. Location: Sir John Gorge, Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary, west Kimberley.



    • No touchee the fishee in the wildlife sanctuary, Linda. Haven’t done too much fishing at all, really. Paul took a pic of a tiny Barra he caught near Derby WA but it was too cold for them for a while there. Heading into more Barra country now 🐟🐟🐟


    • Thanks dear Lo – hope all is going OK for you back in the Manning. Heard you had a good trip – yeah, camping can be the pits and proper beds make it easier. At least it doesn’t rain up here at this time of the year. Bit of dust though! Have spent our first day at Kununurra washing everything!


  1. I’m loving your posts and look forward to them! Don’t think for a moment that the other 74 think your post was crap, your writing is great, as are your photos….for one thing, you need to be logged into WordPress to ‘like’ a post and secondly some might not realise they CAN like. I don’t seem to be able to remain logged into WordPress on my iPad, so when I read a post on my iPad I can’t like it, so then I need to remember to go back to your posts on the PC. Keep it up! (when you can) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Found your comment again Kerrie – in the trash! Blame my fat fingers 😂 Thanks for your interest and yes, the signing in to the site is confusing a few people. We’re all flailing around with these dang new fangled fings!

      Liked by 1 person

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