No bites about it. Middle Lagoon Camp, Dampier Peninsula 

FISHING is so much more than tossing a line in some water. There’s the enjoyable and costly hours spent browsing in tackle stores, the yarning with sundry locals and visitors about best spots, best rigs, best times (inevitably ‘last week’) and best catches, the pleasant shady hours rattling around in the tackle boxes and tying and testing knots and traces. 
If you’re lucky, a fish dinner may result. As insurance, we’ve brought along on the trip one of the best fishermen I know, my brother-in-law, Webbie.

However because all of the fish apparently left Middle Lagoon ‘last week’, the catches were not impressive – one decent bream and half a dozen garfish. Even the renowned Webbie failed to deliver.

On our last day at Middle Lagoon we mounted an expedition to a likely-looking creek which would surely be jumping with fish as the high tide rushed in.

Crabs and octopus were gathered for bait, along with squid, lures, and whatever could be mustered.

After observing the amateurs for a while, Webbie approached the water. 

It wasn’t long before he hooked one … 

… finger, that is. 

The sharp & shiny hook wouldn’t budge from said finger, despite various nervous ministrations with pliers and a sharpish pocket knife.

Webbie & wife Robbie departed for the camp office, hoping to find help or at least a good first aid kit. 

Problem was solved by one of the long-term campers, who, using a tried and tested manoeuvre involving fishing line, pressure and distraction, whipped the hook out in an instant. Press, ping, no time to yelp.

We’ve all learned a great fishing first-aid tip as a result – but hope we won’t have to use it!

If you want to know more, I’m sure there’ll be how-to videos on YouTube.

Or ask Webbie. He’s got another fishing story for his repertoire now.



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